Police Clearance /SKCK

Prosedure to get Police Clearance Report ( SKCK) for oversea usage

Ones of Document should be prepared before you go to oversea to get RP (Resident Permit) is Police Clearance Report ( SKCK versi english utk istilah indonesia ).

Step by Step Process;
1. Ask to your RT/RW to get " Surat Pengantar ". This document used to ask SKCK form at "Kelurahan".
2. Ask SKCK Form to "Kelurahan" with bring "Surat pengantar" at item 1 on top.
3. Going to "Polres" to ask SKCK form to bring to "Mabes Polri".
Preparation needed was:
a. Photo color 4x6 ( 5 ) , 2 photos for Finger Print and 3 photos for SKCK
b. Fill Personal Form Information ( form already provide by Polres).

Make sure you bring all information about Education, Bird date and Place, Jobs and name for all your family ( Your Parent, Wife's parent, your brothers and kids).
c. copy of "Kartu keluarga"
d. take finger print at same place.

After you completed all process at polres, you will get " SKCK" letter. Now you can continue to ask Police Clearance at Mabes Polri.

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